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2017 Holiday Gift Certificate Packages


"BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!"  That's what skydivers tell us when they redeem the gift certificates they get for the holidays.  We're giving you the best prices of the year so you can give the best presents!  

Santa Level: $175 EACH
                     Buy 4 or more 30 second freefall tandem skydives
                     $200+ OFF ($50 off per person)

Elf Level: $190 EACH
                     Buy 2-3 
30 second freefall tandem skydives
$70-$105+ OFF ($35 off per person)

Santa Level: $199 EACH
                     Buy 1 
30 second freefall tandem skydives
$26 OFF ($26 off per person)

NOTE: Gift certificates can be given to different people on the same order and do not have to be used together.  (Or you can use them all yourself - we won't tell!!!)  You will receive a printed gift certificate with the individual's name on it in the mail or by email, so you'll have something to give them on Christmas morning!

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